Together, we’re going to work on growing a business that you love and can be proud of. I offer downloadable educational resources and tools to help you find your footing on that rocky path to success, as well as personalised mentoring tailored specifically to you.

Whether you’ve hit an artistic brick wall, you’re struggling to book those dream clients who really value your work or you’re lacking the confidence in your work to hit that let’s-go-full-time button, I’m here for you and together we’ll make your dreams a reality.

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I've been photographing weddings for eight years now, but it hasn't been smooth sailing. I shot my first wedding in 2014 without any proper education or mentoring. With my Mum by my side for moral support, I flew autopilot as far as settings were concerned. I handed my first wedding shoot over on ye olde CD-ROM after spending 12 weeks ‘editing’ it, and was so proud of my almost 2000 files!

That was the day I fell in love with photographing weddings. Little did I know back then that photographing people in love and balancing a successful business isn’t as straightforward as it sounds!

I love inspiring others by embracing my own creative talents and I believe there is no obstacle you cannot overcome on your path to success. 

Hey there, I'm Ash - photographer, educator and creative artisan.

come say hi

- sabrina and jake, turner duo

Ash was completely prepared with answers to all of our questions, to the point that we were super secure in the direction we were heading and the steps to take as soon as we left the session. We received a full walk through of how Ash runs her business, and she helped us understand how to grow our business the way that we want to, right from the beginning.

"Such a great experience and we continue to get support from Ash months later.

- Anna, Anna Salent Photography

She openly shares her personal business and lets you know exactly how you can improve your business and what things to change to refine your brand. She is encouraging and inspiring. A true leader in the industry, thanks Ash!"

"It's like talking to a knowledgeable friend!

- Emma, elk lifestyle photography

Ash helped me with all topics, and gave me advice and direction I would have never come up with myself!  She's so easy to get along with and was extremely approachable before, during and after the session! Not just a mentor, but now a friend! "

"All I can say is wow! You can really tell you have a strong passion for supporting and helping other photographers!

- belle, belle martin photography

Ash has such a great passion for what she does and is so amazing to share her experience and pointers. Not only did I get to be able to see her in action at a few weddings now, I got to learn so much from her. In the short time I have known Ash, not only as a mentor, my role model, and my friend, my business and my work has grown and improved and even I have noticed I am more confident in what I do and where I want to be heading. "

"The best thing I have ever done!

- morgan, morgan lee photography

I reached out to Ash when I was studying photography, she was polite and willing to help me along the way. I saw her in action at a wedding and I learnt so much by just watching her shoot. She taught me prompts that were simple but effective with a couple to capture organic emotions and moments. 

She hasn't just helped me with shooting techniques, but she has helped me grow as a photographer and given me so much advice to help my business grow in to what it is today! "

"Couldn't ask for a better mentor.

praise from kind-hearted mentor students

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Gain insight and clarity around logistics and timelines.


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initial emails

Template guides to nail replies - and how to never get ghosted again!

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workflow emails

Streamline your pre- and post- booking processes.

Resources & Tools available

you've mastered your craft, now it's time to build your own kick-arse career

Having a structured workflow email makes your photography business run like Usain Bolt’s Ferrari. These workflow templates will help you learn how to educate your couples in the ‘post-booking’ or ‘what the hell happens next’ stage of wedding photography, lay out your timeline and set expectations.

With this structure in place, your couples will immediately feel valued and appreciated. When the wedding arrives, you’ll have all the info you need from them without having to spend hours cross-referencing dates and trawling through your inbox.

Bet you didn’t even know you were missing this crucial resource. Open a dialogue to create a strong and meaningful relationship between you and your couples...before you’ve even met!

We’ll go over the importance of an interactive contact form, effective communication during those all-important first emails, streamlining your email process and how to compose emails that immediately connect with the desired impact: converting into bookings. 

Gain access to the four questionnaires that I use for each and every wedding couple and save yourself a metric ton of stress and second-guessing. Along with The Guide to Workflow Emails, these templates collect all the essential information that you’ll need to be match-ready on the big day.

Streamline your workflow and create time for any other tasks you’ve been putting off. Gain insight and clarity around the logistics of every wedding day in a structured yet relaxed format.

Nail your package quotes and client-centred emails, your workflow pre- and post- bookings and overall brand with all three guide bundles delivered straight to your inbox.

Bundle includes:
Guide to Initial Emails
Guide to Workflow Emails
Guide to Questionnaires.

Bundle & Save!

Please note: This guide is designed to be viewed and edited on a computer or tablet, and not on mobile. Ensure that you purchase this resource on your desktop to avoid any downloading errors or technical problems. If you have any dramas with the download, please send me an email at and I will do my best to rectify the issue. Due to the digital nature of these products, all sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.

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A guide to my Initial Emails Templates Revealed!

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