Jai Long Co and the Six Figure Business Course

Sep 8, 2020

article by ashleigh haase

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Once you make your first sale on an album, you will have paid for the course, so it's a worthy investment in my eyes. I did this course, and it taught me how to sell albums, from start to finish. I'm talking how to price them, how to take photos of them (kind of ironic as most of you reading this are probably photographers, but it really made sense!), and how to offer the best service to your clients and generate extra income for your business.

Album Academy

I first met Jai Long back in 2016 when I attended one of his first ever live workshops in Melbourne. I learnt a ridiculous amount about running a business, mastering my workflow and all the important bits about running the back end of my business. Within 6 months of the workshop I had grown my 'hobby' in to a successful six figure business.

Jai is one of the only photographers and mentors I have found invaluable and endlessly supportive over the last four years as I embarked on my full time journey in to wedding photography. 

He continues to support his community and although he is crazy busy running three businesses, he is a leader who is always there to help others in a selfless way, something I find very inspiring and strive to be too for my community. So when I reached out to Jai to interview him for my own community, I was pretty stoked to interview him! 

Six figure business course

Okay, I think the name speaks for itself. Who wouldn't want to grow their business to SIX figures! I was one of the founding members for this course, and boy, it has a bucket load of information and has something relevant to businesses of any level.

This course is perfect for beginners and those who have been in the game for a little while, and ready to take their business to the NEXT level. I'm talking breaking through the roof and reaching the sky. Topics covered include but are not limited to setting realistic goals so you can actually achieve them, workflow management, website and marketing techniques, and my favourite, branding! Nothing like talking about websites and the importance of a strong brand to motivate you to grow your business!

The flagship, 12-month program is open for enrolment only a few times a year! Click over to the page and find out more info. If you like what you see, join the waitlist so you don't miss out.

Posing and lighting

Oof, I'm obsessed with this course. Perfect for those that want to elevate their posing skills, and really learn the art of photographing couples in 'non ideal' lighting. With live walk throughs for couple shoots, as well as great suggestions on group and bridal party photos, this course has everything you need to prepare you for your next wedding!

Since launching his online courses, I have attended and completed all of Jais courses and want to share with you all my thoughts, with some sneaky 20% off discount codes for you too so you can to experience the goodness yourself! 

Oh hey! So good to be here, Ash! My name is Jai Long and I am a Melbourne based wedding photographer, educator and creative entrepreneur. I LOVE being creative on a daily basis and doing a different project and pushing my boundaries and comfort zone.

I grew up in Northern NSW, Australia and we lived in a teepee, tents, a bus, cars and everywhere else before we moved into our first real home (a government house) when I was 11 years old. It was an incredible feeling being in a house and I made so many friends on the street so quick.

I was always a young hustler as my dad had a drug and domestic violence problem and my parents never worked, so I got my first job at age 11. I didn't do much school and dropped out and moved out of home at age 15/16.  Then I worked hard to get an apprenticeship as an electrician and by the time I was 20, I was a full qualified tradesman. It was an amazing feeling and I think the biggest achievement our h=family had at the time. But I was eager to do more!

So I started a cafe with my now wife, Leelou, called the Buddha Belly. We had it open for exatly 12-months to the day before we lost it all and files for bankruptcy. Those were the hardest years of my life. My dad just passed away from a drug overdose and I was trying to navigate around this business world without any guidance or mentors.

Fast forward a few years and I had itchy feet again. I wanted to quit my job and become a full-time wedding photographer! Did i know how to use a camera? Nope! Did I have money? nope! Did I have a dream?? Yep! I dove into it and gave it everything I had. And within the first 24-months of business, I grew to a six-figure business, won awards, held my first workshop (2015) and the rest is history!

For those that don't know who you are, tell us about yourself.

I started doing online courses myself and with my business schedule (I have 3 businesses), I couldn't take the time to go away to workshop retreats or travel to the other side of the world to see my favourite photographers present. 

So I thought, f*ck it! I want to bring my knowledge to people all over the world so it's super accessible. 

It also meant, instead of doing two-day in-person workshops, I could stay and grow with my students over the course of 12-months. Which means I can actually see real results.

As an educator, this has pushed me harder than ever before. It has taught me a new way of teaching and delivering content and it has helped me impact more wedding photographers struggling with their businesses.

What made you venture out into online education products?

The results have been insane! Not only for the community inside the course but for myself as well! I am constantly getting inspired by everyone's wins and ambition to succeed and that pushes me in my own businesses.

But seriously, The results of the course speak for themselves. But it's not just my course to thank, the guys doing the course are hungry for it and they are putting in the work to get those results. It's inspiring to see.

Jai, I absolutely loved the content in the six-figure business content. So much insight and knowledge to share! What results have you seen for your community through this course?

Definitely the Six-Figure Business Map. It's the third course we have created and truth be told, I planned it a year ago! We put together the other smaller courses first so we could learn how to best deliver content that makes the biggest impact on the people going through the program.

I have no doubt in my mind if you are ready to build a six-figure business or even scale your business to $500,000. This course will get you there! As long as you are hungry enough to want that transformation for yourself. And you show up and do the work.

What is your favourite course you have created, and why?

20% OFF Jai long courses

20% OFF Jai long courses

20% OFF Jai long courses

20% OFF Jai long courses

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