Four customisable questionnaire templates that I send to my couples to help streamline my workflow, so all the important logistical information is on one place.

Questionnaire TEMPLATES

"Whether you are a pro wedding photographer or just starting out, there is something in there for everyone. I know these guides will be a valuable resource that. I'll refer back to often!"

Kelly Williams

The majority of my couples don’t meet me in person before they sign the contract; if this is different to how you might run your business, don’t worry, that’s totally fine! I make a lot of phone calls prior to the actual booking, which helps my couples to feel comfortable to book without an in-person meet. Then when we finally connect, they’re even more enchanted - and I’ve got ’em right where I want ’em ;)

I follow all my couples on social media and stay in touch with them throughout the lead-up to the wedding. I always aim for at least one meeting before the day itself, which are more successful when they’ve already planned most of their wedding and are a little more zen than they are at the start of the process. I hate awkward ‘speed-dating’ meetings, so this way is far better. Yeah, it always goes on for a few hours and we shoot the shit for far too long...but trust me, it’s worth it!

streamlining your workflow

a simple and effective way to collect all the logistical information that you'll need to offer a smooth wedding photography experience

connecting from the first point of contact

Questionnaires: An incredibly powerful secret weapon - especially when automated in your CRM. Not only do they save you a tonne of time in the lead up to a wedding, they also set expectations for your couples, give clarity on their expectations and collect all the nitty gritty details  in one place before the big day.

My simple and effective questionnaires give couples a personalised experiences AND iron out the finer logistical details like locations, scheduling, other suppliers and vendors, as well as other stuff you might not even realise you need - like family members’ names! Because it’s all fun and games until you accidentally call the bride’s mother ‘Alice’...no, uh, ‘Annie’! Sorry Annie! Oh, it's 'Sarah'? I'll just leave.


Simple and effective questionnaires that will help you and your couples feel confident on the big day.


How to feel completely comfortable when writing emails, how to send the 'hard' replies and how to ultimately be left with plenty of time in your day to focus on new and exciting projects for your business!


How to gather info from your couples which will help you capture their wedding day in accordance with their expectations and desires.

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Kelly Williams

I couldn't resist and got them all. Having all. the tips and tricks from the best of the best is certainly going to up my ante when it comes to responding to couples and with. my workflows. It has made my life so much easier! 

Whether you are a pro wedding photographer or just starting out, there is something in there for everyone. I know these guides will be a valuable resource that. I'll refer back to often!

Heidi Odd

Investing in your email templates helped me add value and personalise my communications with inquiries. They are simple and easy to use, yet full of powerful information to streamline and nail my emaills!

Zoe Louise photography

These. templates are an absolute dream come true! Such amazing resources for wedding photographers that tackles everything you could possibly want! These read like you are talking to Ash in person, and are full of personality and advice that can be implemented. straight away! You would be crazy not to invest in these!

Elk Lifestyle Photography

Thank you so much for launching such an amazing package! I'm super excited to level up my workflow and create emails that show my personality! I have always felt so lost when booking weddings, what to write, how to write it, what to do next, etc! Investing in your workflow resource bundle has given me a clear vision on how to run my business professionally, whilst continuing to show exactly who I am!

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Nail your package quotes and client-centred emails, your workflow pre/post bookings and overall brand with all three guide bundles delivered straight to your inbox. 


Guide to Initial Emails
Guide to Workflow Emails
Guide to Questionnaires

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Workflow emails

For those that are wanting to boost their client experience.

Having a structured workflow email makes your photography business run like Usain Bolt’s Ferrari. These workflow templates will help you learn how to educate your couples in the ‘post-booking’ or ‘what the hell happens next’ stage of wedding photography, lay out your timeline and set expectations.

With this structure in place, your couples will immediately feel valued and appreciated. When the wedding arrives, you’ll have all the info you need from them without having to spend hours cross-referencing dates and trawling through your inbox.

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Initial emails

FOR THOSE who are sick of getting ghosted by their ideal clients.

Bet you didn’t even know you were missing this crucial resource. Open a dialogue to create a strong and meaningful relationship between you and your couples...before you’ve even met!

We’ll go over the importance of an interactive contact form, effective communication during those all-important first emails, streamlining your email process and how to compose emails that immediately connect with the desired impact: converting into bookings. 

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For those who want to streamline how they gather information for weddings.

Gain access to the four questionnaires that I use for each and every wedding couple and save yourself a metric ton of stress and second-guessing. Along with The Guide to Workflow Emails, these templates collect all the essential information that you’ll need to be match-ready on the big day.

Streamline your workflow and create time for any other tasks you’ve been putting off. Gain insight and clarity around the logistics of every wedding day in a structured yet relaxed format.


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A guide to my Initial Emails Templates Revealed!

Hit the download button below to gain access to access three of the my most used templates during the initial emailing stage of a wedding photography inquiry.

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