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Effective questionnaires give couples a personalised experiences AND iron out the finer logistical details, as well as other stuff you might not even realise you need - like family members’ names! Because it’s all fun and games until you accidentally call the bride’s mother ‘Alice’, uh, ‘Annie’! Sorry Annie! Oh, it's 'Sarah'? I'll just leave.

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I’ll walk you through the exact templates I use to streamline my inbox and speed up my replies to couples whilst ensuring every message broadcasts my indefatigable personality. I make it my goal to befriend couples from our very first interaction...and you should too!

Your couple has just had the best experience with you and have locked you in for their date. Signed, sealed, delivered, deposit paid. But what happens next? Will you keep in touch? Or is the next time you speak going to be on the wedding day itself?

We meet up. We chat. Then we personalise the mentoring to you and your specific needs. Because this is about kickstarting your photography business.

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Having a structured workflow email makes your photography business run like Usain Bolt’s Ferrari. These workflow templates will help you learn how to educate your couples in the ‘post-booking’ or ‘what the hell happens next’ stage of wedding photography, lay out your timeline and set expectations.

With this structure in place, your couples will immediately feel valued and appreciated. When the wedding arrives, you’ll have all the info you need from them without having to spend hours cross-referencing dates and trawling through your inbox.

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Initial emails

Bet you didn’t even know you were missing this crucial resource. Open a dialogue to create a strong and meaningful relationship between you and your couples...before you’ve even met!

We’ll go over the importance of an interactive contact form, effective communication during those all-important first emails, streamlining your email process and how to compose emails that immediately connect with the desired impact: converting into bookings. 

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Gain access to the four questionnaires that I use for each and every wedding couple and save yourself a metric ton of stress and second-guessing. Along with The Guide to Workflow Emails, these templates collect all the essential information that you’ll need to be match-ready on the big day.

Streamline your workflow and create time for any other tasks you’ve been putting off. Gain insight and clarity around the logistics of every wedding day in a structured yet relaxed format.

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Nail your package quotes and client-centred emails, your workflow pre/post bookings and overall brand with all three guide bundles delivered straight to your inbox. 


Guide to Initial Emails
Guide to Workflow Emails
Guide to Questionnaires

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