The value behind email signatures

July 28, 2020

article by ashleigh haase

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Create an Email Signature

Alright, so you're nailing personalising your emails, but what about your sign off? 

An email footer can be just as important as the email itself. First and last impressions are what sticks with people and how they will remember you. An email footer  is a simple and effective way to show you are professional and organised to your clients. Gone are the days where a simple "kind regards, Ashleigh" will suffice. 
Those who neglect an email signature can come off looking like an amateur, and we really don't want that, do we?

When I first created my email signature, it was a pdf upload, and always landed as an attachment to the email. Annoying! I've since learnt that email signatures can be embedded in to your email and CRM where it will be applied to your reply automatically, and sit at the end of the email correctly, rather than an attachment that will never be opened. Once it's set up, you don't have to worry about it ever again, boo yah!

My beautiful designer, By Leelou found this FREE email generator recently. It is ridiculously easy to use, and the templates are customisable to suit your brand! 

Here is an example of mine that I created:


It is so important in running a business, and why I rage on about the importance of writing emails that are 100% authentically you, and presenting a brand that is 100% you. Time to kick robotic business talk to the curb, and really think about what your brand represents. You are about to embark on the most wonderful, exciting, and sometimes even life changing (seriously, I've seen some things!) career with photography. We play such a pivotal role in someones wedding day, a day they are vulnerable and emotional, and how we communicate and present ourselves can really affect the end result.

Let that sink in for a moment. At the end of the day, that is the reality of photographing weddings. Usually, a once in a lifetime moment for these couples so we have to take our role in that seriously, and why I think it is so important to relate to these couples on a personal level.

So, connecting personally with your clients through the way you communicate with them will not only make them feel comfortable with you, but they will feel welcome and relaxed on their day to be their true selves when the camera is up. I do my best to make all my couples feel like I'm a friend, not just the hired help where they click their finger and I come take a photo (it happened when I first started shooting - I was so offended LOL). By having your personalised email templates ready to go, I really believe you can accomplish all your dreams, work with ideal clients all the time, and never, ever, get a finger clicker again!

Anyway, I got a bit side tracked there, like I always do. Who doesn't love a good tangent story? The Guide to Initial Emails will be one of the most important resources you didn't know you were missing. With a focus on how to open up a dialogue between you and your couples to create a strong and meaningful relationship before you meet! 

You know that saying about 'don't judge a book by its cover'? Well, in a service based industry, I honestly believe (at least half the time) that potential clients, and just society in general, do judge. They are looking at our work, our websites, our copy and how we communicate and present ourselves.

Obviously the couple think you are because they have gotten to the point of contacting you, but your email and signature is where you validate how great you truly are.When other people validate you as the expert in your field, through reviews and referrals, it shows credibility and that you can be trusted. But when you validate yourself, it's recognition of your hard work, and shows confidence in yourself too. Show off any awards, features, a testimonial, your following, reviews, anything that you think is note worthy! 

this is proof you are great

You invested in an epic brand and logo, or maybe you have an epic headshot you just LOVE. Show it off! It will make a huge difference to your signature, and, couples will be able to recognise you and your brand because they have something visual to connect to. You can also have links for ways the couple can connect with you too; social media, website, and phone! The more you can get your brand out there, the more likely you will be present in their minds when they are considering their options. 


so there you have it. it's simple, but one of the most important tools you can have as a business owner is an email signature. a quick and easy way for couples to remember you, and connect with you.

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